My one day … has come

I worked many low paying jobs before starting up my own business My Pro Resume, it didn’t get well established overnight it took time & I’m proud to have turned a passion into a successful business.

I joined the SAAF Military Sector working as a Reserve Force allowed for me to work two jobs, allowing me to focus my time more on my own business as well as discovering my inner strength to push my body and my mentality to limits I never imagined was possible to achieve, Gym trainers would agree that six pack did not come overnight that goal you have you have to work at it everyday to make that oneday come for you, There will be days you will want to give up there will be days it will seem like your failing but push through it and you will see at the right time your day will come.

3 words that can harm your Resume by resume writer Odaine Govender

Avoid using cliche words on a resume, When ever I come across such words, immediately I start thinking too much “fluff”
What is “fluff?” Things one can’t prove.

1. Hardworking – we all see ourselves hardworking, but have you worked numerously overtime without being paid  to do so? State that rater than just saying, im hardworking. 

2. Organized – Great your organized, what have you organized? How has your organized skills benefited the organization.

3. Assisted – sometimes job seekers are too humble when it comes to listing their achievements. One way they do this is by using the word assisted when what they really mean is collaborated or contributed. Don’t sell yourself short.

Tip always quantify your answers.