7 tips to help you impress the interviewers

  1. Find out what’s expected of you.
Try to find out as much as you can before the interview. Who will be in the audience and how long will you be required to speak for?
You should also be told if you’re expected to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and when your slides should be submitted. Don’t be afraid to ask if anything is unclear – the more you know, the better you can prepare

2. Focus on your opening and ending

It’s important to plan and rehearse the exact words you’ll use to start and end your presentation and also how you’ll link different sections of your presentation. What can you say that will grab their attention? It could be a thought-provoking question, a brief story or a fact.

3. Rehearse against a stop watch

It is very important you rehearse with a stop-watch, as most candidates try to fit in too much. Most recruitment presentations I’ve seen require a 10-minute presentation and you’re not likely to be able to get through more than 5 slides during this time.

4. Use PowerPoint carefully

The worst PowerPoint presentations contain too much text, which the presenter then reads off screen. Don’t make that mistake.
Keep attention on what you say rather than what you’re showing and keep the slides simple. 3-6 bullet points per slide plus an image typically works well.
Personally, I wouldn’t recommend giving our handouts as it is then easy for the interviewers to lose attention.

5. Prove that you’re suitable for the job.

Depending on the topic of your presentation, show that you understand what the organisation is trying to achieve and what the wider challenges are. Show them how you can help them meet some of these challenges.
Be confident in your capability – this is not the time to be modest.

6. Conquer your nerves

Giving presentations is intimidating to a lot of people but being well prepared will make you a lot more relaxed. Walk into the room confidently and greet the panel with the smile – it’s a great way to start.

7. Be engaging

Audiences enjoy listening to people who know their stuff and speak with energy about the topic. You don’t need to be the best presenter to make an impression – but enthusiasm and good preparation will win the audience over.