The impact u have

Sometimes it takes losing someone to make you realize the impact they left on you…

You may not even be close to them but they can do so with just a single memory…

Saddest part of all is this story will never be shared to them … cause time waits for no man …. quoting William Shakespeare…

I didn’t understand the depth of those words until now.

All we can do is make the most of your time, always make time for others. Let your life be just as impactable if not greater.



One of the hardest things to do in life. Is knowing when to let go and for years, I have struggled with this… and learning to accept this, not because I didn’t love the lord, but more because of what the apostle paul says in the book of Romans the things I want to do I find myself not doing, but what I hate I do. It takes allot to be able to stand your ground and know your not standing alone. What does it gain a man to gain the whole world and yet lose his soul. Face your giants like david and know your not alone. 

Anyone with faith?

Did you know? It does not matter what religious or non religious background you come from… Anyone with faith can move mountains …. I use to believe only christians could claim this God given promise in His infallible word … until I witnessed a non believer having great faith in the Healer and received a miracle of healing. YOU CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS!! If you just BELIEVE TODAY:-)

My one day … has come

I worked many low paying call center jobs until one day I decided … this is not for me, I need something more, then I decided one day to try out joining the military…. Training was tough … but I never gave up I knew in the end it would be worth it… n I stand corrected till this day 🙂 

3 words that can harm your Resume by resume writer Odaine Govender

Avoid using cliche words on a resume, When ever I come across such words, immediately I start thinking too much “fluff”
What is “fluff?” Things one can’t prove.

1. Hardworking – we all see ourselves hardworking, but have you worked numerously overtime without being paid  to do so? State that rater than just saying, im hardworking. 

2. Organized – Great your organized, what have you organized? How has your organized skills benefited the organization.

3. Assisted – sometimes job seekers are too humble when it comes to listing their achievements. One way they do this is by using the word assisted when what they really mean is collaborated or contributed. Don’t sell yourself short.

Tip always quantify your answers.